CHAGA: 100% Organic Mycelium + Sclerotia, 11-13% Beta Glucans


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Beauty and Longevity Magic

Rose Chaga Latte

An easy way to integrate mushrooms into your daily spread is dusting about 1/2tsp onto your favorite latte, tea, salad dressing or any food of choice. Here’s an easy ratio you can do when creating a latte. Start by adding 1tsp Rose Powder, 1/2tsp Chaga powder (or other mushroom of choice, such as Reishi) into a mug. Add 1tsp of a mix of spices of choice, such as Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, etc. Pour in abour 4oz (half a cup) of almost boiling water. Then finish off by adding 4oz (half a cup) of warm plantbased milk of choice. Add sweetener (optional). And finalize by dusting more rose petals ontop for beauty. Enjoy!



Our beloved mushrooms are all grown in a small farm 100% organically and sustainably in Washington State. Our mushrooms powders are all cell wall extracted for optimized bioavailability, and contain both fruiting bodies and mycelium.

Although we love and respect ethically wildcrafted mushrooms and herbs, we purposefully source our mushrooms from a small organic farm to impede the depletion of the wild. Particularly Chaga being in danger of extinction, we exclusively support organic farming of this precious mushroom to avoid extinction. If you can forage your own small supply (that’s awesome!) but be mindful and always leave some behind.

Product Assets:

+ 100% Organically Grown

+ Cell Wall Extracted (zero fillers or processors!!),

+ 9% Beta Glucans

+ Grown in WA State

+ Blend contains the sclerotium + mycelium

Side Note: The sclerotia, fruiting body, and mycelium all have unique medicinal properties, and that is why we like to have both mycelium, fruiting body, and in this case sclerotium, in all of our mushrooms powders.

Main Actions: 

There is a plethora of healing benefits within this mushroom. Some of its’ many benefits backed up by the scientific community include, its ability to reduce tumor growth, prevent the proliferation of cancer, modulate the immune system, fight the damaging effects of oxidative stress, boosts cognitive function, and much more. The high anti-oxidant chemistry, along with its anti-inflammatory makeup make it an excellent medicine that supports body and mind protection.

Clinically proven studies:

Chaga helps to reduce oxidative stress, suppresses cancer progression, helps protect the immune system, reduced inflammation, increases physical endurance, can improve diabetic health, promotes cognitive function, can help relieve pain.*

[Medical Reference RRRRR]

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.


Chaga Mushroom powder: fruiting body and mycellium*.


All of our mushrooms are 100% organically grown in Washington State. Our Chaga mushroom is a unique blend of cultivated mycellium and Chaga sclerotia, and contains both organically farmed and wildcrafted elements.

*The sclerotia, fruiting body, and mycelium all have unique medicinal properties, and that is why we like to have both mycelium, fruiting body, and in this case sclerotium, in all of our mushrooms powders.

*OUR MUSHROOMS ARE ACTIVATED. All of our mushroom powders have gone through a steam process to make the cell walls break down and enhance the bioavailability of the constituents. This term is referred to as “activation” or “steam extraction”.


Add 1/2-1tsp of Chaga to tea, cacao, coffee, smoothies, soups, and even savory sauces.

We recommend everyone listen to their body intuitively; follow the dosage that resonates the most with you.


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